Earn 50% of the subscription value for each referred user!

Monetize your traffic. More than half of households have a pet. Pet parents sometimes need to get extra pet care for their pets, just like a parent needs a baby sitter. Offering your users a gift of a free trial will be appreciated by them. The majority of the features of service is free; however, a member must have a trial or a paid subscription to communicate directly with other members or to post pet care service requests. The service keeps its members engaged. This turns into revenue for you, our affiliate program partner.

Earn 50% of the subscription value when pet parents whom you refer buy a paid subscription for the service. provides you with real-time tracking of your referred pet parents that have registered, who among them has subscribed and how much they have spent. So you know how much your commission earnings are.

To begin, register as an affiliate partner. Then distribute a unique referral link assigned to you that lets know that the traffic is coming for you.

Please allow for 24 hours to set up your affiliate partner account. Cut off for payments is on the last day of each month.

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