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PETBARTER is an online community of pet parents that are registered members with a profile on PETBARTER. Members can choose to communicate with other members and offer to exchange pet care services. It is up to PETBARTER members to make arrangements to exchange pet care services. It is recommended that pet care services are exchanged, that there are no fees for pet care services. This decision to charge for pet care is up to the pet parents who are registered on PETBARTER. In the account settings members can select if they want to exchange pet care only, or charge for and/or pay for pet care services. PETBARTER provides a platform for pet parents to look for and communicate with other pet parents in their area that are open to exchanging pet care services.


Pet parents sometimes cannot provide pet care for their pets. PETBARTER is an alternative to provide your pet with pet care if you can't find a friend, neighbour, relative or service provider to provide pet care. Also by meeting and knowing another member of PETBARTER in your area that can exchange pet care services is a more economical option than paying a service vendor to provide pet care for your pet. Remember if a member provides pet care for your pet you need to return the favor and be available to provide pet care for that member that provided pet care for your pet when you needed help with your pet.

Are PETBARTER members verified by PETBARTER?

No, members and the profile information posted by members is not verified by PETBARTER. Anyone who creates a profile on PETBARTER must be a pet owner. PETBARTER does not contact and verify information posted by a member on a PETBARTER profile. All members registered with a PETBARTER profile must be 18 years or older.

How do I exchange pet care services on PETBARTER?

After a member has registered and created a profile the member can choose to communicate with other PETBARTER members. If you choose to send a message to another member, or a member chooses to contact you. The choice is yours to communicate, meet in person, exchange personal contact information and exchange pet care services. As members on PETBARTER are most likely not to know each other PETBARTER recommends to use caution when communicating with members on PETBARTER. Members on PETBARTER are communicating and meeting each other at their own risk. Do not meet members at your physical home or work address for the 1st time meeting.

Should I post my personal contact information on my profile?

No, do not post your personal contact information on your PETBARTER profile. Communicate through the PETBARTER service. After you have agreed to meet in a public place for the 1st time you as a PETBARTER member has the choice to provide any personal contact details you choose.

Does my PETBARTER profile show other members my physical address?

No, when a member creates a profile the PETBARTER service displays in map format a location some distance away from what the member has indicated as their physical address. PETBARTER members can only know your physical address if you choose to provide this information.

Do I need to go into another members home?
Do I need to pay for pet care supplies like food?
Do I need to follow any special instructions to provide pet care?
Is PETBARTER responsible for anything that happens between members communicating, meeting or exchanging pet care services?

PETBARTER is NOT responsible for anything that happens between members communicating, meeting or exchanging pet care services. All arrangements between PETBARTER members is up the members who are exchanging pet care services. PETBARTER provides a platform to communicate and exchange pet care services. PETBARTER does not approve or, declines, is made aware of and is not connected to, or is a part of any choices made by pet parents registered on PETBARTER who are exchanging pet care services.

I saw a photo that I feel is inappropriate, what can I do?

PETBARTER has a flag function under/above all uploaded photos. If you click "Report Image", the uploaded photo is replaced with a default photo for the type of pet indicated when the profile was created.

Why does my profile visible to other PETBARTER members show my pet's name and not my first and last name ?

Your pet's name is displayed and not your first and last and your name is not accessible to PETBARTER members for your personal safety and privacy . You can choose to share any information you wish with other members on PETBARTER . This choice is yours to make .

I have a suggestion for a feature on PETBARTER.

Go to Contact on PETBARTER and send your suggestion.

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