Meet pet parents in your community right now and Exchange pet sitting with you, at no cost to you.

If you have a pet in your home, the chances are that taking care of your pet 100% of the time may be a challenge.

Have you cancelled a trip or had to move around plans because taking your pet with you everywhere you go is not possible and you can't find someone to look after your pet either?

  1. Have you just moved to your area?
  2. Do you travel?
  3. When you go to work, do you have someone 100% of the time to look after your pet? Or someone who can check on your pet while you are at work?

What's your plan "B" for looking after your pet?

Meet pet parents in your community who love their pets as much as you love yours — who you know will look after your pet as you would.

Anyone who has a pet in the home understands that expected and unexpected things come up, which could leave your pet un-attended longer than you are comfortable with.

You or people you know like friends, family, neighbours are a great plan "A" to ask to look after your pet, but if they can't do it, the only option that's left is a kennel, professional large scale pet sitting service which may or may not be the most economical or convenient option. Think of having other pet parents in your neighborhood helping you if needed, and you helping them.

You may have a dog, cat, bird, fish, rabbit, hamster, reptile, or a horse that you are the pet parent of.

On, you can set specific criteria to only communicate with the pet parents in your community who have the same types of pets that you have in your home, and who would be open to exchanging pet care with you.

Set up how close to you they need to be and set up the filters on a lot of other important criteria that you control at all times. Be notified when someone is able to meet your needs, and automate the process of selecting someone for exchanging or paying a like-minded pet parent in you area for providing pet sitting services.

You can choose if you only want to talk to and meet pet parents who only want to exchange pet care services voluntarily. Or you can choose to communicate with everyone who is fine with paying for pet sitting, or is offering pet sitting for a fee that you both agree to be fair.

Free 30 Day Trial, no credit card needed

Meet pet parents in your community right now who are looking for what you are looking for — pet sitting and pet care that is exchanged voluntarily or for an agreed-upon fee.

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Save time, money and effort in finding pet care
Know immediately who are ready nearby to help you
You can search for members having a specific type of pet and whether they're interested in providing free or paid service.
Notify nearby members easily when you need pet care
Just say a few words on what exactly you need and when you need it, and we'll immediately notify nearby members.
Communicate with members while maintaining your privacy
Your name and location won't be displayed. Only you can provide that information. Describe your pet to the pet parents in your community.
Bonus: Let others appreciate the cute pics of your pets!
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